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How to Have the Best Spring Break Trip to Myrtle Beach

Spring Break is almost here, and that means swimsuits, sunglasses, flip-flops, and one of the best resorts in SC, Together Resorts! As we’re nestled along the shores of Myrtle Beach you’re going to want to bring your family and friends for the ultimate spring trip. While most of the country seems to still be in the frozen tundra, sunny South Carolina is warming up and waiting for you!

Rethink a Hotel Stay

When planning a trip to South Carolina for Spring Break, you might want to rethink a hotel stay. While hotel stays can allow for proximity to activities, it’s often hard to get rooms together or near one another. With Together Resorts you won’t worry about where the rest of your group is staying, because you’ll all be right here, together! Plus, when you opt for our resorts you’ll find that there are lots of excellent on-site amenities such as our pools, billiards, movie rooms, and more!

Bring Your Friends and Lots of Them!

We recommend that you bring all of your friends when planning the ultimate spring break getaway. Our resorts are perfect for large groups, and you can fit up to 30 people in our resorts while a group of our properties can hold upwards of 120 people! That’s a lot of friends to bring with you on your journey to the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach.

We’ve Got the Room

There is plenty of room and fun to be had at Together Resorts. Check out our amenities for details on the fantastic accommodations and activities you can enjoy when you book with us. Plus, with enough room for your friends our common spaces also work together to enhance your stay. Cook a meal together and eat at our long family-style tables or you can get cozy and watch a movie together! Plus there are plenty of things to do when you’ve got extra room for your vacation!

No matter what you choose to do this spring break, make sure you’re together!  Our resorts in SC will make sure your whole group is having fun whether it’s on-site or out on the town, we’ve got everything you will need for a fantastic getaway you won’t forget! Book your trip to Together Resorts today and experience the true meaning of TOGETHERNESS.

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