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How to Avoid Myrtle Beach Crowds with a Large Group

When planning the ultimate retreat Myrtle Beach is known for; you’re going to want to enjoy some time outside of the best accommodations, Together Resorts. With spring and summer season comes a plethora of visitors to Myrtle Beach South Carolina and when there are a lot of people in town, you’re going to want to know how to battle crowds so you can enjoy your time here. Here are three tips to avoid the influx of visitors this summer with your large group.

Book Early or Later

We understand that waking up early isn’t quite the best thing when it comes to vacations, but when you’re battling a crowded boardwalk, you might consider going to see the attractions earlier than planned or at night when many families have put their children to bed. This type of mentality can also be applied to when you decide to visit. The beginning and end of summer seem to always have fewer guests in the area. When you’re able to avoid not only the peak times people plan their trips to South Carolina but also the time of day people tend to be around you’ll be set for the whole trip to go smoothly, especially when you’re with a large group!

Eat At Your Rental

Most people forget that you’re in South Carolina to experience the city, spend time at the beach, or hang out with your friends and family while relaxing. When it comes to food, there are lots of options that cater to larger groups, and you’ll want to enjoy the local spots that not many visitors opt to choose. We suggest that if you don’t want to go out, enjoy a family style meal right in our massive kitchens where seating isn’t hard to find at our beautiful resorts! Our Kitchens are made of large groups like yours, in mind! From the large tables that are sure to accommodate everyone in the fantastic professional kitchens which are sure to feed the whole gang!

Enjoy Time at Our Resorts

Whether you want to spend a day under the sun, plan a meal, or watch a movie on the big screen, at Together Resorts, we’ve got it all! From the fantastic outdoor pools to the gorgeous kitchens which will fit your entire group and all the entertainment in between, we’ll keep you and yours busy while also not having to deal with the crowds when you don’t want too!

Whether you spend time at your rental, enjoy a family-style meal here, or you know when to book during the busy season, you’re going to want to ensure you stay away from the crowds with your large group! Make it the perfect retreat Myrtle Beach is known for when you reserve your stay before the massive influx of visitors to our Southern getaway location!

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