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Team Building Corporate Retreats

A company outing can be central to a great company culture and a team mentality. Corporate retreats are one of the many ways to develop and maintain connections among your team members. Our goal at Together Resorts is to bring people together (hence our name). That’s what makes us one of the best vacations for large groups. We’ll always prioritize your needs, and you’re guaranteed to return on Monday refreshed and reconnected, so consider one of our luxury vacation rentals for your next company outing. 

Team Building Games for Your Crew

Our Myrtle Beach resorts offer spacious gathering areas indoors and outdoors, so they’re the perfect place to host team building games. Try out these three activities during your corporate retreats. 

Jigsaw Jamboree

This is a lighthearted way to practice bartering and healthy competition during corporate retreats. Split up into equally sized teams, each with a visibly different jigsaw puzzle of the same difficulty. Smaller is better! Swap some pieces among all the puzzles ahead of time, and keep their locations secret.

Together Resorts dining space for corporate retreats

Set a time limit. This activity is a race, and each team must convince others to return their missing pieces. This might be done through trading pieces or negotiating a merger. Teammates have to agree on which approach to take, so it’s all about working together. This is an indoor game, so take advantage of our spacious dining rooms and other common areas.

Scavenger Hunt Shindig

Once again, divide your team into equally sized groups. Then, pass out lists of items for them to find and collect. This could be an indoor activity, an outdoor activity, or a complete free for all. Whatever you choose, be sure to set a time limit so your teams aren’t gone all day. The goal of the game is to return first with all of the listed items. GooseChase offers some fun ideas for a photo scavenger hunt.

To turn things up a notch, include clues or riddles for the teams to solve together. Your employees will get practice working together under a time crunch.

Big Picture Bash

Set up a blank timeline, starting with the birth year of your oldest employee or of the company—whichever is earlier. Attach important company dates to the timeline, such as mergers, name changes, or new products. Give each team member a few paper slips to write on; this should be between three and six slips depending on the size of your group. Ask them to write down an important life moment on each slip. Then, attach your teammate’s dates. 

This is a visual representation of the different experiences and ideas each person brings to the company, and it’ll emphasize that everyone’s personal success contributes to the bigger picture of the team.

Planning Corporate Retreats

Try out these team building games on your next company outing, and use corporate retreats as an opportunity to build a great company culture. Contact Together Resorts today to schedule one of the best vacations for large groups. 

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