How to Have the Best Spring Break Trip to Myrtle Beach

How to Have the Best Spring Break Trip to Myrtle Beach

Spring Break is almost here, and that means swimsuits, sunglasses, flip-flops, and one of the best resorts in SC, Together Resorts! As we’re nestled along the shores of Myrtle Beach you’re going to want to bring your family and friends for the ultimate spring trip. While most of the country seems to still be in the frozen tundra, sunny South Carolina is warming up and waiting for you!

Rethink a Hotel Stay

When planning a trip to South Carolina for Spring Break, you might want to rethink a hotel stay. While hotel stays can allow for proximity to activities, it’s often hard to get rooms together or near one another. With Together Resorts you won’t worry about where the rest of your group is staying, because you’ll all be right here, together! Plus, when you opt for our resorts you’ll find that there are lots of excellent on-site amenities such as our pools, billiards, movie rooms, and more!

Bring Your Friends and Lots of Them!

We recommend that you bring all of your friends when planning the ultimate spring break getaway. Our resorts are perfect for large groups, and you can fit up to 30 people in our resorts while a group of our properties can hold upwards of 120 people! That’s a lot of friends to bring with you on your journey to the sandy shores of Myrtle Beach.

We’ve Got the Room

There is plenty of room and fun to be had at Together Resorts. Check out our amenities for details on the fantastic accommodations and activities you can enjoy when you book with us. Plus, with enough room for your friends our common spaces also work together to enhance your stay. Cook a meal together and eat at our long family-style tables or you can get cozy and watch a movie together! Plus there are plenty of things to do when you’ve got extra room for your vacation!

No matter what you choose to do this spring break, make sure you’re together!  Our resorts in SC will make sure your whole group is having fun whether it’s on-site or out on the town, we’ve got everything you will need for a fantastic getaway you won’t forget! Book your trip to Together Resorts today and experience the true meaning of TOGETHERNESS.

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Spring Break Tips for Large Groups

Spring Break Tips for Large Groups

Spring Break is just around the corner, and you’re going to want to head out on an unforgettable Myrtle Beach retreat. Here at Together Resorts, we’ve got everything you need for a significant spring break trip with friends or family. Whether you’re a group of tightly knit friends or you’re ready for a reunion, Myrtle beach is the place to be for Spring Break! Here are three of our top Spring break tips for large groups.

Get to Know SC

Before traveling with your favorite people, make sure you all get to know the layout of the land and where you’ll be staying! Our resorts are packed full of fun on-site amenities but when you get out and about you’ll want to roughly know where you are and how to get to and from specific locations. Checked to see if Myrtle Beach allows Uber, Lyft, or even what the taxi companies are in the area – save the numbers on your phone so you won’t forget!

Bring a Buddy

We often think of the buddy systems as something from grade school, but in reality, it’s essential especially when on spring break. When traveling with a large group, you won’t want any members to get lost in a new city, so pair up, and make sure everyone is safe and sound to all destinations along the way. The buddy systems can be an excellent way to keep track everyone. We recommend that you communicate plans to the group and if you happen to separate, create a meeting location for people to go to and find one another.

Have FUN

It sounds silly, but one of the biggest tips for Spring Breakers is having fun! You’re going to want to experience everything and what better way to do that than with a little bit of fun mixed in. Try new restaurants, lounge poolside, or relax in your rental. No matter what it is that you want to do, we know South Carolina is a great place to go and you’ll have a blast!

We know you’re bound to have a fantastic time this spring break season when you pick Together Resorts for your getaway. Whether you’re with friends or family, our large group Myrtle Beach retreat locations will help keep everyone TOGETHER because that’s what we know best!

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3 Excellent Activities for Your Next Family Reunion

3 Excellent Activities for Your Next Family Reunion

It’s time to get the whole family together for a reunion, and there is no better place than at Together Resorts in myrtle beach, South Carolina. We specialize in large, group gatherings, so you know you’ll be ahead of the game with a reservation at one of our locations. As for things to do during your stay, we’ve got some fantastic opportunities on site, but we understand you might want to check out what you can do for a Myrtle Beach Family Reunion, in town. Here are three excellent activities for your next group gathering!

Nothing like Myrtle Beach

There is indeed nothing like Myrtle Beach, and you’re going to want to create some fabulous memories under the sun and in the sand. The beach offers large groups the ability to sprawl out while enjoying the day. Enjoy a picnic during lunch time, that everyone in your group will love, especially when it’s fuel to continue playing in the warm waters of the Atlantic.

Amusement in Downtown

Family reunions mean that you’re going to want to pack in a day at an amusement park as there is sure to be something for everyone. Here in South Carolina, we’ve got the Family Kingdom for you to find amusement. With lots of fun-filled rides and attractions, plus toss in a waterpark, arcade, and racetrack for go-karts, you’ll be spending the majority of your day here.

The Boardwalk is a Must

Our famous Myrtle Beach Boardwalk is a must when you’re here with the family. From restaurants to concerts, shops, and so much more, you can’t say no to a tremendous group outing here. Don’t forget to enjoy the Wednesday night firework show or catch a fantastic view of the SkyWheel.

However, you decide to spend your days during the ultimate myrtle beach family reunion, know that we’ve got everything you could ever need at Together Resorts. Let us help you bring everyone together this summer season for the best reunion you could ever have and don’t forget to check out all the fun that our little seaside town brings both during the day and when the sun goes down.

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Warm Up with a Myrtle Beach Retreat

Warm Up with a Myrtle Beach Retreat

It’s winter time and seeing as most of the country is getting lots of snow and cold fronts this season. We think it’s time to warm up with a fantastic trip to Myrtle Beach! What better way to spend your days than TOGETHER with the whole family? At Together Resorts, you’ll find the best retreat Myrtle Beach is known for, here along the sunny shores of South Carolina. While you’re here for the ultimate retreat Myrtle Beach has to offer, check out these two awesome things to do at our resorts to help you warm up under the sun.

It’s the Right Time for Pool Time.

Whether you bring your family or a group of friends, there is always something to do here in Myrtle Beach South Carolina. If you’re needing to warm up from the cold. Our two heated swimming pools are sure to keep you cozy! Plus, with in-ground spa systems, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy an afternoon spa day or a nighttime swim. Don’t forget the extra spa features of our pools with remote controls for the spa system, and Intellibright LED lighting which you can change to your favorite color.

A Toasty Fire and A Little Competition Never Hurt

Looking for some entertainment to warm up your soul? Board games in the living right next to our stunning fireplace will get things toasty. Bring your favorite board game and square off with your friends or family members for the ultimate game night. As the fire roasts in the background, you’ll love laughing and creating some of the best memories. Serve some hot beverages such as hot chocolate, cider, or for adults, mulled wine and let the warmth of the drinks keep you toasty. Don’t forget indoor smores make a tasty nighttime snack which pairs well with any of the beverages mentioned.

No matter if you spend a day at Grand Strand or enjoy the comforts of our resorts while at your perfect retreat Myrtle beach has to offer. All you need to do, to make it happen, is to reserve your stay with Together Resorts! Get away from the cold and dreary winter by warming up along the sweet Atlantic coast of South Carolina.

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You’ve got your group destination reserved at Together Resorts, but you haven’t figured out what there is to do around our resorts in SC? We’ve got everything from the sea to fantastic activities for the entire group. Here are three of our favorite winter-related attractions and adventures you’ll want to enjoy as a team.

Sky High View

One of the more iconic things to do as a group is head to the Myrtle Beach’s, Grand Stand and enjoy a ride on the Skywheel! The Skywheel was the first in the country, towering at 200 feet above the oceanfront boardwalk. You’ll love to experience the stunning views of this fantastic Ferris wheel. As the gondolas offer temperate, climate controlled spot, this makes for the perfect winter adventure. Not only will you see all of the myrtle beach areas from a bird’s eye view, but you’ll get to spend time with family and friends.

Indoor Adventure

On those chillier days, being indoors can help warm you up. While you might want to enjoy time at our resorts in SC, you’ll love heading to one of the remarkable museums in our area. As spring and summer bring many guests to our area, winter isn’t quite as busy, so our galleries make for a great day of learning. Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium, WonderWorks, Hollywood Wax Museum Entertainment Center, the Children’s Museum, and Hopsewee Plantation all offer an opportunity for education, learning, and fun!

Back at the Resort

With much to do around myrtle beach from shopping to dining and excellent attractions. You’ll love coming home to our resorts in SC for a cozy night in, together! Most of our locations offer incredible amenities like private media rooms with enough room for everyone to watch their favorite cinema movie, or make a splash in our heated swimming pools. Don’t forget to play a round or two of table tennis, or take aim at the 8-ball when you play a game of billiards.

We’ve got everything here for you and your group when you book a winter retreat at one of our resorts in SC. You’ll find that Myrtle Beach South Carolina is an outstanding option for your next gathering, especially when you make sure you’re all TOGETHER at Together Resorts!


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What’s better than being together? Not much, if you ask us! That’s because being together is what you’ll want to do on your next group trip. As one of the leading group destinations for a myrtle beach retreat, you’re going to want to make a wintertime reservation and enjoy the sun, sand, and sea with friends, family, and loved ones.

One of a Kind

You’ll find that your myrtle beach retreat is unique because of our resort accommodations. Most traditional rentals don’t allow for large groups to stay together. One thing you’ll realize is that Together Resorts is entirely different from other locations. With our private resorts, comes a one of a kind experience which is truly ideal for large groups! We’re not kidding, our resorts have been built from the ground up with one thing in mind, togetherness.  With rentals accommodating up to 128 guests you’re sure to have everyone you know enjoy time along the South Carolina shore. We’ve got enough room for multiple generations, corporate events, weddings, and so much more. Plus, our resort is one of the top Myrtle Beach sports team lodging options along the east coast.

Time Together

It’s in our name, and it’s in all the activities you’ll be enjoying while with your group. Myrtle beach allows for a fun destination throughout the year but what makes it even better is spending quality time – together. At all of our resorts, there are lots of entertainment options for you to enjoy as a group. From gourmet kitchens where you can make a delicious meal, to the outdoor pools, beach access, and games on site, such as billiards and table tennis. Along with the area attractions, you’ll love being on site for your fantastic group getaway.


No matter how many people you decide to bring with on this amazing getaway, you’ll want to enjoy time at Together Resorts. With everyone in tow, you’ll be sure to have the most incredible myrtle beach retreat of 2018! All you have to do now is reserve your stay and start planning your group getaway, Whether you get the family together, drag your friends here, or you’re ready for some team bonding. You’re going to love our one of a kind resorts nestled near the shores of the South Carolina.

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It’s time to get away from the chilly winter weather and what better way to do that, than with a trip to the south! Grab the entire group and head to South Carolina for a fantastic Myrtle Beach family reunion. It’ll be one of the best ways to celebrate the season and ring in the New Year by surrounding yourself with friends and family to appreciate all that the area has to offer while getting to be with those you love most. Together Resorts makes it easy to have everyone in one place to celebrate the new year so come on down! Here are three reasons for you to enjoy a fabulous group trip to the beach this winter season.

Escape the Cold

While winter along the coast in South Carolina isn’t too warm, it’s also not freezing, at least not during the day! When visiting during the winter months, you’ll want to make sure you pack lots of layers. Temperatures can get in the mid-60s throughout the daytime, but once the sun goes down, you might need a light jacket to keep warm as night temperatures, can drop to the 30s.

Outdoor Activities

When the summer heat fades, you’ll want to get outside during the wintertime. With plenty of activities, your entire Myrtle Beach family reunion party will enjoy this season, make sure to stop by the Brookgreen Gardens. Located at the Murrells Inlet, you’ll want to plan for a full day of fun in the gardens. Winter offers a calmer time as this attraction is open year round, but you won’t have to worry about heat exhaustion or sunburn as you stroll through the walking paths, taking in flora and fauna. Along with the beautiful garden location, take a look at this list of all the other wonderful winter activities to enjoy outside this season.


At together resorts, we offer all of our locations with private pool access, which is a fantastic amenity, but we also know you’ll want to hit the beach sometime while you’re here. You might not need to lay out on the beach and get a tan this winter season, but you will want to enjoy some time hunting for sea-shells or walking the shoreline of the Atlantic.

However you decide to spend your Thanksgiving, make sure you’re together. Whether it’s walking down the boardwalk, enjoying a family meal with one another, or you’re out exploring the city and coast of South Carolina, this will honestly be a wonderful Myrtle Beach family reunion you won’t want to forget. Head to Together Resorts, for an unforgettable oceanside experience.

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Thanksgiving is just a few short days away, and we’re gearing up for a pleasant time spent with family and friends for a reunion. When you book your vacation with one of the leading resorts in SC, Together Resorts, you’ll find that our name will not only bring you together with your favorite people, but you’ll get the most out of your experience here. Thanksgiving is kind of like the kick-off for the holiday season, and there is no better place to spend time together than with us this season! Here are a few favorite reasons our guests enjoy time together.

Family Meals

Thanksgiving brings a lot of people together, whether it’s a group of friends or family. It’s just a time for everyone to reconnect. Here at our resorts in SC, you’ll find that family meals can be easily accomplished when using our state of the art, gourmet kitchens. Featuring high-end appliances and cookware, as well as, the abilities to combine both kitchens thus creating a more extensive and open environment for everyone. There will be no worries this year of renting out a private room at a local restaurant when that party can be had right here on our property. It’s a leading feature thus making it easier for you to enjoy time TOGETHER.

Close Proximity

Both of our locations can accommodate 35 people, but the proximity of the spots means that if you still need more space, you can reserve both options for a total of 70 guests! That’s sure to be one fantastic time when you can practically bring everyone! Plus, as the houses are just a few steps away from one another, you won’t have to worry about driving and coordinating times to meet or to see everyone, especially if you’re here for a reunion!

Entertainment for Days

We know that this year, you’ll be itching for some entertainment with your group, and you can head out to explore Myrtle Beach, but did you know that our resorts in SC, are packed full of fabulous amenities for days and days of entertainment? We take pride in knowing that you’ll be spending as much time together this season. Whether it’s a game of billiards or table tennis, lounging by the pool, or watching a movie in our private theater, your time here will be one for the books!  

Whether you’re already here or you’re on your way during the most significant travel season of the year. We’ve got everything you’ll need this Thanksgiving for a fantastic getaway at one of the best resorts in SC, Together Resorts. Enjoy being TOGETHER this season, because there is nothing better than celebrating life, together.

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Everything You Need To Know To Plan The Perfect Myrtle Beach Wedding

Everything You Need To Know To Plan The Perfect Myrtle Beach Wedding

Planning a wedding is no easy task. Whether you live in Myrtle Beach or you are planning your destination wedding here, there are plenty of ways you can plan your dream day without breaking the bank. Myrtle Beach is the ideal location for the budget-minded bride with her heart set on a beach location for her wedding. Hosting your wedding in Myrtle Beach allows your guests to afford the cost of travel while still receiving the benefits of migrating to a beautiful beach destination.

At Together Resorts, we’ve come up with a comprehensive guide of local resources to help you plan your dream beach wedding from start to finish! 


Popular Myrtle Beach Ceremony & Reception Venues

The Grand Strand area provides a diverse array of stunning venues for weddings of any style, size, or budget. Whether you are seeking a traditional ballroom style setting or are seeking a magical outdoor experience, you are sure to find plenty of options to help you pick the perfect venue for your ceremony and reception. Here are a few of Myrtle Beach’s most popular venues.

Cherry Grove Oceanfront Park | North Myrtle Beach

 This beautiful park just steps away from the water allows for breathtaking views of the beach without the disturbance of the sand getting caught up in your toes.  The rustic gazebo and large open grass area gives a twist to your ordinary beach wedding by bringing a country ambiance to it. Please call (843) 280-5584 for more information.

Brookgreen Gardens | Pawley’s Island

Have the fairy tale wedding of your dreams at Brookgreen Gardens. Set in stunning surroundings that unite art and nature, with majestic live oaks, and world-renowned sculpture collection will be an instant treasured memory. Please call (843)-280-5584 for more information. 

Pine Lakes Country Club | Myrtle Beach

 Filled with charm and grace, Pine Lakes Country Club takes pride in creating irreplaceable, custom events that become lasting memories for the bride and groom. Please call (843)-315-7700 for more information. 

Dunes Golf & Beach Club | Myrtle Beach  

Dedicating to providing the finest cuisine and four-star service this stunning country club is the perfect setting for your wedding in Myrtle Beach. Their outdoor venue allows plenty of space for guests and overlooks the Atlantic, giving you a beach wedding without the hassle of salt and sand. Please call (843)-449-5236 for more information. 

Thompson Farm & Nursery | Conway  

This picturesque hall allows for the wedding ceremony of your dreams. The rustic atmosphere of the Bucksville Hall at Thompson Farm & Nursery is the destination of southern, down-home country weddings. Please call (843)-236-1400 for more information. 

Ripley’s Aquarium | Myrtle Beach  

Make your unforgettable day even more remarkable at the unique setting of Ripley’s Aquarium. Be taken away by the astonishing backdrop of the marine life and all the colorful fish that live inside the waters. Please call (843)-916-0888 for more information. 

Myrtle Beach Train Depot | Myrtle Beach

If you are looking for a venue that is not too small or not too big, then this hidden gem of Myrtle Beach is the ideal location to tie the knot at. Built in 1937, the Myrtle Beach Train Depot is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Please call (843)-918-4906 for more information. 

The Cooper House | Myrtle Beach

Acknowledged for its rural feel and award winning venue for wedding ceremonies and receptions, The Cooper House showcases two historic buildings nestled on 2 beautiful acres in the heart of Myrtle Beach. During the day, the house is bright and open and then takes on a romantic sensation by night. Please call (843)-236-7077 for more information. 

Getting Married at Together Resorts

 Located just a few hundred feet from the stunning beach, the Together Resorts properties provide one of the most convenient locations for a truly magical day. Couples can easily host an intimate ceremony or lively reception at one of our lovely beach houses. We proudly boast both indoor and outdoor facilities available for a ceremony and reception space that can house up to 70 guests so your wedding is guaranteed to go on as planned regardless of the weather.


Rehearsal Dinner in Myrtle Beach

Picking a venue for your rehearsal dinner is never an easy feat to figure out. There are hundreds of restaurants just a short drive from our beach houses to select from and even more scattered along the Grand Strand area. Which ones are the best and the most convenient to where you are staying, while still providing preeminent service? Here are our top recommendations for hosting your rehearsal dinner.

Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro | Little River

This stunning historic Victorian style home will transform your special day into a one-of-a-kind celebration that is both modern and timeless. Award winning French cuisine and attentive staff are prepared to “Wow.” The restaurant features five private indoor dining areas as well as a newly built outdoor pavilion with a koi pond, waterfall, outdoor bar, outdoor kitchen, and chef’s private garden. The Brentwood Restaurant & Wine Bistro is prepared to accommodate any size, and any budget wedding rehearsal while still allowing for it to be customized to the wedding parties preferences. Please call (843)-249-2601 for more information. 

SeaBlue Restaurant & Wine Bar | North Myrtle Beach

Voted to be the best steakhouse in South Carolina for two consecutive years, SeaBlue Restaurant & Wine Bar is the top wine and sophisticated dining destination on the Grand Strand. Being prided on their authentic contemporary American cuisine with a French flair featuring fresh local and organic produce, sustainable seafood, and an array of specialty Prime Beef Cuts, SeaBlue Restaurant is the perfect location to host your rehearsal dinner. Please call (843)-249-8800 for more information. 

Greg Norman’s | North Myrtle Beach

Offering innovative cuisine and spectacular décor that truly makes you feel as if you are in Sydney’s finest harborside restaurant. Choose between the private indoor dining area that can accommodate up to 45 guests, or the outdoor patio seating covered with a 130-foot canopy with allows seating for 62 guests, in any weather. Overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, Greg Norman’s location lends striking views of passing yachts, glistening waters, and picturesque sunsets. Please call (843)-361-0000 for more information. 

Lombardo’s Italian Restaurant | Myrtle Beach

Uttered to be the hidden gem of Myrtle Beach with the finest homemade Italian dining and a romantic touch. It has all of the necessary facets to pulling off the perfect wedding rehearsal dinner without breaking the bank. Lombardo’s even takes being the selected restaurant venue one step further by creating special menus with pictures of the bride and groom and allowing for your own personal decorations to be added to the restaurant. Please call (843)-497-6699 for more information. 

Fire & Smoke | Myrtle Beach

Providing a unique combination of American fusion and southern “comfort food” with an emphasis on fresh local ingredients, Fire & Smoke is the most exclusive gastropub in the Grand Strand. Please call (843)- 449-0085 for more information. 

Sea Captain’s House | Myrtle Beach 

Once a beach house catering to vacationers in the 1930’s now renovated into an award-winning restaurant, the Sea Captain’s House is prided on their authentic, fresh seafood and delightful dining experience for the ultimate wedding rehearsal dinner. Located right on the water in Myrtle Beach, the Sea Captain’s House makes their guests feel at home with their oceanfront views and nostalgic decorations. Please call (843)-448-8082 for more information. 

Captain Dave’s Dockside | Murrell’s Inlet 

A little further outside of Myrtle Beach, located in Murrell’s Inlet, but is the ideal location if you are looking for extraordinary seafood! Capt. Dave’s Dockside is the epitome of waterfront locations to make your rehearsal dinner feel one of a kind. They offer exquisite food such as local fresh caught seafood, aged beef, and continental cuisine, and also allow for you to customize the menu to your preferred taste. Please call (843) 

On-Site Catering & Cooking at Together Resorts

Can’t decide on a restaurant? The professional kitchens at Together Resorts are the perfect space to host a rehearsal dinner. With 5 ovens, 3 microwaves, 3 refrigerators, 2 dishwashers, 50 lb. per day ice maker, small appliances, dinnerware, and even spices… there is no denying that our kitchen comes fully equipped to handle every obstacle that may be thrown at us! We also have teams who are fully prepared to supply meals in the fraction of the time that a conventional kitchen takes, allotting more time for the wedding parties to enjoy the beach and relax during their stay.  Additional amenities that are made available per request are private chefs, bar service, catering, and housekeeping, all to help make the rehearsal dinner go smoothly and without a hitch!


Popular Myrtle Beach Wedding Vendors

One of the downsides to uprooting from your hometown and having a destination wedding set in Myrtle Beach is that you may not be as familiar with what vendors are the best to use for the big day. On the bright side, the area of Myrtle is filled with hundreds of great vendors who are prepared and equipped with everything needed to make the day one of a kind.

Kali Klicks | Myrtle Beach

A recent addition to the Grand Strand wedding scene, the photographer behind Kali Klicks offers a fresh approach to traditional photography. Kali Klicks offers professional service, a creative eye for unique takes, and stunning editing and touch up skills. Call (843) 945-2311 for pricing and availability.

Pasha Belman Photography | Myrtle Beach

The premier Myrtle Beach photographer specializing in local wedding photography, engagement photos, and bridal photos. He is well known in South Carolina for his exquisite artistry. Perfect for the elegant and tasteful bride. Please call (843)-333-5301 for pricing and availability.

One Life Photography | Myrtle Beach

Specializing in wedding and family photography. One Life Photography is operated by one of the most talented Myrtle Beach photographers, Victor Beloded. Please call (843)-222-1352 for pricing and availability. 

Hannah Ruth Photography | Myrtle Beach

Focusing on one of a kind wedding photography, engagement photography, and bridal photography. Please call (843)-333-6611 for pricing and availability. 

Music on the Strand | Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach’s oldest DJ company providing innovative Disc Jockey services and DJ entertainment. Please call (843)-272-3335 for pricing and availability. 

DJ Wayne Cribb | Myrtle Beach

Providing professional DJ services for weddings, and private parties. Please call (843)-251-6152 for pricing and availability. 

My Party Photobooth | Myrtle Beach

Delivering the highest quality of open-air style photo booth service in the Grand Strand! Please call (843)-251-9030 for pricing and availability. 

Shutterbooth MB | Myrtle Beach

Supplying hours of non-stop fun to your wedding reception with the high-quality closed-air style photo booth service. Please call (843)-748-0872 for pricing and availability. 


Myrtle Beach Wedding Cakes

Creative Cakes of Myrtle Beach | Myrtle Beach

This family owned and operated bakery specializes in custom cake concoctions. Creative Cakes is the perfect place to go if you have a specific wedding cake design in mind! Call (843) 421-7008 for more information. 

Coccadott’s Cake Shop | Surfside Beach

Coccadott’s Cake Shop is the only bakery in the area to be a three-time participant and one-time winner of the famous “Cupcake Wars” TV series. Wedding cakes are available in a variety of sizes, flavors, and designs to meet any request. Call (843) 294-2253

Croissants Bistro & Bakery | Myrtle Beach

Croissants is inarguably Myrtle Beach’s most popular wedding cake vendor, and it’s not hard to figure out why. Heidi provides a stunning balance of both bold flavors and creative design in her custom creations. Call (843) 448-2253 for more information. 

You Eat, I Bake | Myrtle Beach

Brides with dietary restrictions or health conscious guests will definitely want to try out the tempting concoctions provided by You Eat, I Bake. Established by a local baker, You Eat, I Bake specializes in gluten, dairy, and nut free baked goods. Call (843) 267,5903 for more information. 



Need Help? Hire a Myrtle Beach Wedding Planner!

You probably have already received your wake-up call that planning your wedding is taking a lot more effort and time than you thought it would. With the different aspects to be set up and figured out, you will very rapidly feel like you have a second job!  All the craziness that comes along with planning a wedding, it does not hurt to look into hiring a wedding planner! The amazing benefits of having a Myrtle Beach destination wedding is the wide assortment of wedding planners that are available to assist and bring you down the right path to the perfect wedding!

Stunning and Brilliant Events, LLC | Myrtle Beach

A professional full-service wedding and event coordination company. Offering event-planning, partial planning, and day of coordination. They are able to create an event that perfectly matches your style without going over budget. Please call (704)-308-67779 for a free consultation. 

Memorable Moments | Myrtle Beach

Complete wedding design and planning company dedicated to perfecting every aspect of your wedding. Please call (843)-450-9936 for a free consultation. 

Grand Occasions | Myrtle Beach  

Anything from a small intimate ceremony to the grandest affair, no matter what the budget, Grand Occasions uses your ideas and visions to create the most memorable event. Offering full-service coordination, and planning, partial planning service, and day of coordination and direction. Please call (843)-238-8908 for a free consultation. 



Myrtle Beach Wedding FAQs

“Can I get married on the beach?”

The city of Myrtle Beach does allow for ceremonies to take place on the beach. However, only non-commercial weddings are permitted on public beaches.  This means that some photographers, caterers, and other paid professionals are forbidden in many locations along the shoreline.

Since the majority of the beach in Myrtle is public, you cannot directly reserve a spot to hold your ceremony. If a person happens to already be enjoying the beach in that location, you may ask them to consider a temporary move while you hold your ceremony, but they are not required to grant your request.

“Do we need a permit to get married on the beach?”

You do not need any permits if you are holding a non-commercial wedding.

“If choosing to stay with Together Resorts for my wedding, what should we expect?”

Together Resorts offers private indoor and outdoor reception space for up to 70 guests, guaranteeing your wedding will go as planned regardless of weather.  Our resort can sleep up to 70 guests allowing for ample room for the bride’s and groom’s family and friends to stay in, offering the ultimate team bonding experience.

“What is the weather like throughout the year?”

The weather in Myrtle Beach, like most southern destinations, can be a tad unpredictable at times. However, there is the average temperature high of 75°F and a nighttime low of 54°F year round. In the summer months, Myrtle Beach’s temperature is known to rise near 100°F and sometimes higher. During the fall expect the weather to still average a high of 77°F and an average high of 75°F during the spring months.

“What is the best time of year for a beach wedding?”

Since the weather is primarily sunny and warm here in Myrtle Beach, there really isn’t a bad time of year to hold your beach wedding. However, during the summer months, Myrtle is known to be one of the biggest family vacation and tourist spots in the country, making the city overfilled with visitors from all over the world. The best time to hold your beach wedding would be during the fall and spring months. During these times of the year, there isn’t a huge tourist crowd like in the summer months, but there still is the warm crisp feeling of summer in the air.

“What if there is inclement weather during my ceremony?”

No matter what the percent chance of rain may say on the day of your wedding, the weather is unpredictable and there is always the chance for a random afternoon storm. Being prepared for any inclement weather that could potentially pause or move your ceremony to a different location is something every wedding party should be prepared to handle.

“What is the best way to travel with a wedding dress?”

If you are traveling to Myrtle Beach and need to take a plane you should directly discuss with your airline carrier on any arrangements necessary for transportation of your gown!

“What are the open container laws for alcoholic beverages on the beach after the ceremony?”

Open containers of beer, wine, or liquor are prohibited in any public place, including streets, sidewalks, and beach areas. Glass containers and bottles are also not allowed on the beach Possession or consumption of alcohol is prohibited on the beach at all times.


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5 Reasons Together Resorts Is The Ultimate Beach Retreat For Families

5 Reasons Together Resorts Is The Ultimate Beach Retreat For Families

The New Year is upon us and it’s time to start planning your annual getaway to sunny Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The pristine shorelines and plethora of area attractions and restaurants is just what the doctor ordered for an extended stay filled with family fun and adventure.

Whether you are traveling with a large gaggle of kids or with your entire family, booking a Together Resorts beach house is a great way to guarantee a stress-free vacation.


Spacious Accommodations

Gone are the days of sharing rooms and uncomfortable wall beds. Traditional resorts and hotels often cram beds in every nook and cranny of the unit to get as many heads in beds as possible. And, of course the kids are going to argue over who gets the better room or bed, which can be huge a hassle in itself.

On the contrary, the Together Resorts beach homes offer plenty of room for everyone to spread out! Our spacious houses offer more than 3,000 square feet with a whopping 11 private bedrooms, each with a private bathroom. Ideal for large or extended families, the accommodations offered at Together Resorts are unlike anything else offered in the Myrtle Beach area. Not only are our beach homes spacious, they are also brand new and fully updated with all of the modern conveniences you’d need to settle in to your new home away from home.


Resort Style Amenities

Just because you aren’t staying at a resort or hotel doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice access to great amenities. The Together Resorts properties offer amenities that rival even the best Myrtle Beach resorts. What area hotel can boast these great perks?

Private Media Room – plush seating for up to 24 guests, 10 foot elite cinema screen with 7.1 surround system

2 Heated Pools & Pool Deck – natural gas heaters, LED lighting

Game Room – billiard, table tennis, arcade games, & more

6 Decks – 3 with partial ocean views

The best part? Guests can enjoy all of these great amenities without having to worry about sharing them with hundreds of other people! There’s nothing worse than circling the hotel pool trying to hunt down a spot or waiting in long lines for other amenities. These inconveniences are a non-issue when you have your own private beach house!


Chef’s Pro Kitchen

Cooking during vacation is not only a great way to spend time together as a family, but also a great way to save money during your vacation. However, many Myrtle Beach hotel rooms do not include a kitchen. Or, if they do, the kitchen is often an efficiency or is highly out of date with little counter space or storage.

No need to fret over prepping a hearty meal in a cramped condo kitchen. The Together Resorts kitchens look like something you’d see in a magazine. The fully updated kitchens include stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and all of the utensils and cookware you could need.

Don’t feel like cooking? No worries! The Together Resorts properties are each centrally located near a wide variety of Myrtle Beach area restaurants. You won’t be far from great dining options that are sure to appease your crowd.


Location, Location, Location

Each Together Resorts beach house is ideally situated close to the beach and all of the great action that Myrtle Beach has to offer.

Though our properties are not oceanfront, they are close enough to provide stunning ocean views and to hear the sounds of the ocean at night. Guests are welcome to rent a golf cart for the week and keep it on-property or enjoy the short, scenic walk over to the beach.

Our beach houses also offer plenty of free parking, allowing room for several cars. Having a car will certainly come in handy when it comes to exploring all of the great attractions and restaurants that Myrtle Beach has to offer. Each property is located close to Highway 17, meaning that great meals and entertainment are just a short drive away.

Curious about what is nearby? Family-friendly favorites include Broadway at the Beach, Barefoot Landing, Market Common, and the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk, to name a few.


Exceptional Customer Service

Customer service seems to be a lost art these days and there are very few hotels and resorts along the Grand Strand that are known for providing an exceptional experience.

Together Resorts, however, goes above and beyond to help each of our guests plan the perfect beach getaway. Whether a guest needs help picking the perfect house or they need recommendations on area things to do, our reservationists can help finalize all of the details to make your stay as stress-free as possible.

Ready to get started? Contact us today for a free vacation quote and start planning your Myrtle Beach retreat today!

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