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Enjoy a Dreamy Beach Picnic on Myrtle Beach

Enjoy a Dreamy Beach Picnic on Myrtle Beach

Myrtle Beach is one of the world’s most iconic beach trip destinations. The ambiance of Myrtle Beach encourages relaxation and togetherness, making it an ideal setting to bond with family and friends. You will create lasting memories as you savor each bite, engage in conversations with your companions, and share in laughter.


Together Resorts specializes in bringing people together in our lovely beach house rentals, suitable for large groups of up to 70 people in each rental or 140 when they’re all booked together. Our rental properties have many plush amenities, such as two heated pools, a 24-seat movie cinema, and Chef’s PRO kitchens. The fully-equipped kitchens provide the perfect opportunity to indulge in a picnic on the beach. Keep reading some tasty picnic food ideas you can whip up during your Myrtle Beach trip. 

15 Picnic Recipe Ideas To Try On Your Myrtle Beach Trip

  1. Pimiento Cheese Deviled Eggs: Give your Myrtle Beach picnic some Southern flair with this unique deviled egg recipe that can feed 12 hungry mouths. 
  2. Pesto Chicken Salad Croissants: Try making these delicious croissants/sandwiches for a memorable picnic meal. 
  3. Bacon Ranch Pasta Salad: This recipe combines some of the three most beloved comfort foods – bacon, ranch, and pasta!
  4. Chicken Empanadas with Herb Sauce: Cook up this recipe for a filling and delicious picnic meal. 
  5. Caprese Pasta Salad: This is a delicious pasta salad recipe that you can easily adjust to accommodate various group sizes. 
  6. Avocado Summer Rolls: Whether or not you will have vegans at your Myrtle Beach picnic, this is an excellent recipe to try out!
  7. Cherry Tomato Couscous Salad: If you’re looking for a healthy and delicious picnic recipe, look no further! 
  8. Apple Cider Donut Bundt Cake: This yummy dessert recipe can feed 12–14 people on your delightful Myrtle Beach picnic. 
  9. Strawberry Salad with Balsamic: Indulge in this sweet and tangy salad recipe. 
  10. Caprese Skewers: Easily adjust this elegant picnic treat for various group sizes. 
  11. Corn Salad: Bring this incredible side dish to add a bit of spice to your picnic at the beach. 
  12. Any-Berry Shrub: Take this refreshing and flavorful drink along to your dreamy picnic meal. 
  13. Muddy Buddy Mix: Add some sweetness to your picnic with this dessert that can feed 12 of your fellow travelers. 
  14. Salted Caramel-Apple Hand Pies: This yummy dessert recipe can feed 12 folks with a sweet tooth. 
  15. Chive Potato Salad: Enjoy a unique mayo-free potato salad recipe at your picnic on the beach. 

Book the ultimate beach trip today with Together Resorts!

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Our Favorite Day Trips From Myrtle Beach

Our Favorite Day Trips From Myrtle Beach

While there is no shortage of exciting things to do in Myrtle Beach, there is also an abundance of wonderful places to explore nearby. Together Resorts put together this list of five dreamy day trips from Myrtle Beach. We are committed to providing guests with vacations they will never forget!


Together Resorts offers an impressive array of large group vacation rentals in Myrtle Beach that are perfect for multi-family vacations, business retreats, and any big group getaway under the sun. Our plush amenities are unmatched, with options offering a heated pool, movie cinema, Chef’s PRO kitchen, and so much more. Book your dream getaway with Together Resorts today!

5 Dreamy Day Trips From Myrtle Beach

1. Calabash

One of the tastiest day trips from Myrtle Beach is The Seafood Capital of the World! This is a small fishing town in the Brunswick Islands, but it packs a punch in adventure. This will be just a little over a half-hour drive from Myrtle Beach. 

2. Charleston

Day trips from Myrtle Beach to Charleston are incredible experiences. Charleston was founded in 1670 and features centuries-old mansions, cobblestone alleys, and Spanish moss-draped trees. The drive from Myrtle Beach to Charleston is about two hours.

3. Huntington Beach State Park

This is a great day trip from Myrtle Beach for nature lovers. Huntington Beach State Park has one of the best-preserved beaches in the Grand Strand and features saltmarsh, freshwater lagoon, and maritime forest. This is also one of the best birdwatching sites along the East Coast. This park is just a little under a half-hour drive from Myrtle Beach.

4. Brookgreen Gardens

Explore the Brookgreen Gardens to saturate yourself in a vibrant mix of art, nature, and history. Come and gander at the lovely botanical gardens. Stroll through the largest collection of American figurative sculptures in the United States. Meet some of the adorable animals at the Lowcountry Zoo. This is one of the most enchanting day trips from Myrtle Beach and is only a little over a half drive.  

5. Georgetown

Come and explore the third-oldest city in South Carolina. This is one of the loveliest day trips from Myrtle Beach to see picturesque plantations and more than 250 historic homes. This historic town filled with southern charm is just a little under an hour’s drive from Myrtle Beach.

Experience the getaway of a lifetime with Together Resorts!

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Plan a Multi-Generational Myrtle Beach Family Vacation

Plan a Multi-Generational Myrtle Beach Family Vacation

Myrtle Beach is a premium family vacation destination for its endless thrills and adventures, suitable for all ages. Have you ever considered inviting your extended family along for a multi-generational vacation? Together Resorts compiled a list below of four reasons to plan a multi-generational family vacation for your next trip to Myrtle Beach. 

Together Resorts also has an incredible selection of large vacation house rentals in Myrtle Beach, perfect for your stay. Indulge yourself in plush amenities like watching a movie in the cinema or a dip in the pool. What are you waiting for? Book your stay today with Together Resorts!

4 Reasons for a Multi-Gen Myrtle Beach Family Vacation

1. Extra Babysitters During Your Myrtle Beach Family Vacation

One perk of planning multi-generational Myrtle Beach family vacations is that there will be plenty of help with small children. Aunts, Uncles, and grandparents will likely be delighted to spend time with young family members. As anyone with kids will tell you, children don’t stay little forever. They will grow up in the blink of an eye. Planning a family vacation to Myrtle Beach is a great way to create fond memories of bonding, laughter, and fun everyone will treasure for years to come. 

2. You’ll Create Lifelong Memories and Bonds With Your Family

Speaking of bonding brings us to our second point. A multi-generational family vacation allows extended family members to bond and adult children to reconnect with their siblings and parents. Growing up, we saw our siblings and parents every day, but for many people, time starts to slip away when they grow up. The only way to prevent losing touch with your family is to make an effort to get together. According to WebMD, staying in touch with family can even keep everyone healthier. Myrtle Beach family vacations can be your new tradition! 

3. Multi-Family Vacations Can Be More Cost Effective

You could save money on multi-family vacations to Myrtle Beach. Splitting the costs for one of the large group Myrtle Beach vacation rentals at Together Resorts can be more cost-effective than individual hotel rooms. You can also save money from eating out for every meal by cooking in the Chef’s PRO kitchen at Together Resorts

4. Try Something New During Your Myrtle Beach Family Vacation

Having people of all ages and interests at your Myrtle Beach family vacation pushes everyone out of their usual comfort zones to try something new. Adults get to feel like a kid again, enjoying Myrtle Beach kid-geared activities and the best group-friendly amusement parks in the area. Everyone will get to try out the unique interests of each family member as well.

Book your multi-generational Myrtle Beach family vacation today with Together Resorts!

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Grand Strand Golf Courses Are Perfect for Large Groups

Grand Strand Golf Courses Are Perfect for Large Groups

If there is anything to take from the madness of the last few years, it’s that being together is better. That is precisely the thinking behind Together Resorts. Spend quality time with your family in amenity-rich vacation rentals that sleep as many as 140 guests when all booked out together.

These accommodations are perfect for families, teams, and corporate events. Given their location in Myrtle Beach near the Grand Stand golf courses, they are also perfect for those whose ideal vacation starts with carefully preparing their clubs for travel.

Grand Strand Golf Courses

The Grand Strand golf courses are perfect for large groups because of their number, their variety, and their mix of price points. There are over 70 courses in the Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, area. An unsurprising number given the sunny, perfect golf weather experienced there year-round.

Even better, while golf trips are often for the boys (or girls), there are often those involved in a large group who do not want to play 18 to 36 holes every day of the trip. For those members of the party, Myrtle Beach is famous for its gorgeous beaches, its delicious restaurants, and a host of other attractions to keep everyone based out of Together Resorts happy for the duration of the trip.

A Fantastic Sample of Grand Strand Golf Courses

The 60 miles of Myrtle Beach coastline boast some of America’s best-looking and best-playing golf courses. There are many to choose from for golfers of all abilities and all budgets. Here is one course at each level from $-$$$$ (per that is worth checking out.

  • $ – Aberdeen Country Club – Starting with something a little different as ACC is the home to three 9-hole links-style courses that could easily be overlooking the North Sea off of the Scottish coast if not for the much more appealing weather.
  • $$ – Man O’War – Just the best name for a golf course you will ever see. The course is built around a 100-acre lake, and water comes into play on 12 of 18 holes. Better pack some extra balls for this one.
  • $$$ – Pawleys Plantation – A Jack Nicklaus-designed course set in prime South Carolina marshland where golfers play around century-old oak trees at anything from 7,000+ yard tees down to just under 5,000 yards from the forward tee boxes. A good range for large golf groups where not every player has the same pop in their driver.
  • $$$$ – The Dunes Golf & Beach Club – Large, fast greens are paired with massive bunkers on this course that is often considered to be THE bucket list Grand Strand course. It’s expensive but worth every penny.

Large Vacation Rentals in Myrtle Beach for Your Golf Outing

One of the best aspects about using Together Resorts for your golfing trip is that it’s close to the Grand Strand golf courses. The resort also has plenty of entertainment options on-site, so those still feeling competitive after a day of golf can hit the shuffleboard, billiards, or foosball tables hard. Check for availability and book now!

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Top Watersports for Your Myrtle Beach Corporate Retreat

Top Watersports for Your Myrtle Beach Corporate Retreat

Make a wave during your next corporate retreat to Myrtle Beach by enjoying the area’s top watersports. Our area is bursting with amazing watersports and aquatic activities that are perfect for large groups. You can take your retreat to the next level by incorporating these fun activities to encourage, facilitate, and boost teambuilding! 

Together Resorts is standing by to host your corporate retreat, with spacious, amenity-filled accommodations. We proudly offer Myrtle Beach large group rentals that can accommodate up to 100 people or more. Grand Strand vacations are ideal for any occasion or group, so let’s explore why it’s perfect for your upcoming corporate retreat. With Together Resort’s local watersports suggestions under your belt, you can rest assured that you and your coworkers will enjoy a spectacular stay. Keep reading for more information on how to make a splash in Myrtle Beach—

3 Ideal Water Activities for Your Myrtle Beach Retreat 

As you begin planning your Myrtle Beach corporate retreat, it’s important to note that our large group rentals are located near countless things to do, including the area’s world-famous waters! We have curated a list of three ideal water activities that will only add to your upcoming Myrtle Beach retreat, from kayaking adventures to jetskiing past dolphins. These activities can be enjoyed as a small or large group. See below: 

1. Embark on Top-Rated Kayak Tours with J&L Kayaks

Recognized as a Tripadvisor Traveller’s Choice in 2020, this local kayak company offers the number one tours in North Myrtle Beach. Embrace the trending eco-tourism scene and explore the most beautiful places along the coast. They will provide you all with equipment, just bring along your curiosity! There are a variety of tours to choose from: Scenic Marsh, Crabbing Adventure, Marsh Sunset, and even more. Check out their group kayak rates online before your Myrtle Beach corporate retreat. 

2. Fly High on a Parasail Ride Ride with Downwind Sails

Treat your team to an adventure of a lifetime when you parasail with Downwind Sails! Their talented staff will ferry you out on a banana boat shuttle through the ocean waves, where you’ll then meet up with a parasail boat. Up to six people can travel out to a parasail boat at a time, making it a fantastic activity for Myrtle Beach retreats. Your team can split up to fly 300 feet above the waters in single, double, or triple flights. 

3. Let Action Water Sportz Furnish Your Backcountry Jet Ski Journey 

Traveling with a group of adventurists? You all can enjoy some high-octane aquatic thrills throughout the scenic backcountry of Myrtle Beach. Action Water Sportz offers the best jet ski rentals for any sized group. Create long-lasting memories that the entire team will be talking about for years to come! The jet skis can carry up to three people, so you can bring along a decent amount of people. They also offer scenic dolphin watch trips

Let Together Resorts Host Your Myrtle Beach Corporate Event

Together Resorts’ large group rentals in Myrtle Beach double as an event venue and travel accommodations. Whatever your event, we have a space to suit you and your guests. Your corporate event will be a success when you book with us online today!

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Your Myrtle Beach Arts & Culture Guide

Your Myrtle Beach Arts & Culture Guide

This summer, gain a greater sense of togetherness when you stay with Together Resorts, a stellar Myrtle Beach company offering amenity-rich large group rentals. Our private accommodations consistently bring family, friends, reunions, corporate groups, church groups, sports teams, and other large groups together. We can accommodate groups of up to 100 or more, all along the beautiful Grand Strand! Whatever you’re searching for this summer, we have a space suitable for you. 

Planning a large group summer vacation can seem a bit daunting, but don’t worry—we’ve got you and your group covered! Our Myrtle Beach large group and family vacation rentals are located near countless things to do, including the area’s renowned arts and culture scene. We’ve whipped up a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know about the Myrtle Beach arts and culture attractions. Keep reading for more—

Myrtle Beach’s Marvelous Arts & Culture Scene

Our vibrant vacation destination is home to several popular art and culture attractions, including historical museums, art galleries, manicured gardens, theaters, and more. Myrtle Beach has always been a rich arts center with masterpiece-filled museums to beautifully-crafted public gardens! You may initially think of the beach when “Myrtle Beach” pops into your head, but let’s explore the vast network of arts & culture offerings in the area: 


Theaters & Shows


As you can see, the arts and culture scene of Myrtle Beach is limitless! We are more than happy to recommend more attractions and events during your upcoming summer stay. Your large group will create long-lasting memories. 

You’ll feel right at home with Together Resorts. Our Myrtle Beach large group rentals can accommodate anywhere from eight to 100 people. Book your summer 2022 stay online today!

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